Colyton St Clair LAC – Starr Partners Medal Day 2020

Click here for more information including start times and procedures. Download the weekend program here >>> Official Full Medal Day Program 2020  Message from the president 13/11/2020: With our Medal day Weekend kicking off in the morning I thought I would go over a few things. Tiny Tots will compete in all 6 of their events on the Saturday they will follow the instruction of their team manager and will join in on the track events when we are at that track (only one track will run at a time) It is just like a gala day where events will be called all track will marshal at the marshalling tent and all field events will be at that event. We ask all parents to remain behind he roped off area unless you are helping which we do need you to do. There is to be no running alongside your child or sibling to encourage them on. But we want you to encourage them from behind the ropes. Except for tots medals will be handed out at the end of each event. Our podium is available for photos but we are trying to avoid crowds gathering and inadvertently breaking Covid rules. We need timekeepers for our sprints (about 5 to 7 one for each runner if we can get it) this is to ensure each child has the best quality of timing we can give. Our day is longer then usual so bring shade/ drinks and food. We are usually finished by 2pm. Our volunteers are under the pump there is more to set up lots of pressure to get it right and not let anyone down and then they have to pack it all down and do it again the next day. If you are around and can lend a hand we really do appreciate it especially our kids who just want to go home at the end of a long day. With all of that said and done Medal Day weekend is one of the highlights of our season we get to celebrate our kids giving it their best and getting some good results. Robyn Koen