Medal Day(s) 2022

Starr Partners Medal Day 2022

Saturday 12th  February / Sunday 13th February

Official Medal Day(s) Program to view, download and print – > Official Full Medal Day Program 2022


First official call for first events are at 8.00am with events starting at 8.15am.  (Tiny Tots are entered into all events and compete on Saturday 12th ONLY)

Please be there on time to listen for your child’s event. There will be a first and second and final call where your child will be told to proceed to marshalling. Track events go to the marshalling tent near the tiny tots area and field events go straight to the event, unless told otherwise.

This weekend will be run under official conditions so it is the first opportunity to set some records.
Parents, grandparents, family and friends can come down to the field, prop up a shade or tent and enjoy the day while athletes compete. Please note: that we will need to “CHECK IN” via our Covid Safe QR Code available at the canteen and we will all need to practice social distancing throughout the day at all parts of the field, clubhouse and bathrooms.

Please note:

–          Parents must not be within the round track area and must also be outside of the throwing areas, this creates the competition atmosphere that the kids will get at future Zone Championships events.

–          Parents cannot coach their kids as soon as competition commences.

–          Please be on time and please listen for the announcement of your child’s event.

We need your help with the following

–          Parent helpers are expected to assist officials in running of events when called upon.

–          Parent helpers are also needed each morning to assist in setting up for the day.

Medal day champion is awarded at end of year presentation and determined by Medal Day results. The winner must achieve a gold Medal in a Run, Jump and Throw. NSW State Multi points are used to calculate overall points. The child with the highest score is the winner unless they are a winner of another major award. For more information please visit the Centre Competition and Rules page on our club website.

The Starr Partners Medal Day is an annual two day event and our first major club championship on the season calendar. It is a private club competition where athletes compete for medal placings. Each event is managed by certified officials for that event type. It is also one of the rare opportunities for athletes to officially break club records. Club records can be found here. Under 17s compete for Under 17s Medal Day Champion which is presented at Club Presentation at the end of the season.

No entry fee is required as this weekend forms part of your registration.

For any questions please contact

Good Luck Everyone and have fun!