Tiny Tots Presentation Update

With the weather settling down I’m very happy to say we will be able to hold our Tots presentation this coming Saturday Morning 9.30am. We have decided to hold it at the park near the clubhouse. Unfortunately due to the building being without power we won’t have access to the canteen which means there will not be a sausage sizzle and drink for the kids.
We are looking forward to seeing you all there this Saturday feel free to take photos.

Last day of competition cancelled – Saturday 5th March

As you may have guessed already our last day of club competition this Saturday is cancelled due to this current weather system and flooding. Tiny tots we are trying to secure an alternative dry location for your presentation if we can’t then we will have to postpone this as well, please keep an eye out for a post this evening regarding this.

Medal Day(s) 2022

Medal Day(s) are 12th and 13th of February 2022

Please check out the Medal Day page (Menu – Championships and Events –> Medal Day(s) 2022) for more information and the program.

We are looking forward to great couple of days with plenty of PBs!!

Outer West Met Zone Championships 2021/2022

Please find attached the Zone program. This contains the track events broken into the blocks. Each block will not start until the designated time, events will then run until the block is finished.
Field events are timed for the weekend. We will not be calling field events Only the Track events will be called for the weekend into the marshalling tent.
Field events athletes are to go to the designated event at the Marshalling time for the entire weekend. Field events will not go through marshalling. This is a COVID consideration to reduce congregating between groups. Please ensure athletes arrive at the marshalling time as if they are late they may not be able to start. If late to a clash then this will be taken into consideration with the clash manager. Field events will not start before the advertised time.
Please see map in the program for locations. For infield events athletes are not to cross the main straight section to access the jumps. You are only allowed to cross on turn 1 near the discus area (ref diagram) if safe to do so.
Some field and track events have been combined. These have been highlighted in the Field schedule. Also please note if we find a run error in this program another will be generated.
Other Covid related specifics are to try and reduce the close contacts of groups, wear masks with large groups, and sanitising stations will be at the throws events.
We also need to remind participants and their parents not to attend if they are feeling unwell, are isolating or a close contact. A close contact is currently defined as: “a person who usually lives with or who has visited the same household for more than 4 hours as a COVID-19 case during their infectious period.”
Unfortunately there are no exemptions available for Covid related absence from the carnival, but health regulations do need to be followed regarding isolations etc.
We have senior officials at the event, If any one from your clubs is interested in learning then this is a great weekend to come and be a part of the event.
We will need parent helpers at all field events for assistance with recording, measuring, raking etc. The events will not run if there are not enough helpers. Please ensure parents attend the event at the start to ensure enough helpers are present for a smooth running. No parents will be allowed at events unless they are helping – No spectating at the event locations. Also a reminder that parents are not allowed to coach at the events also.
Uniforms must be worn correctly with all patches in the correct location. The officials and marshalling will not allow the athletes to compete without correct uniform, This will also not be corrected and they will be sent away to correct before returning. This will also be enforced at Region and State level competitions.
Also footwear for track events will be checked. Spikes are allowed for U11 – 12 are allowed for events run entirely in lanes along with Long, Triple, High Jump and Javelin. U13 and above are allowed to wear spikes in all track events excluding walks and also Jumps events and Javelin. If wearing spikes then all holes must be filled with spikes or blanks. Also a reminder that spikes are only allowed to be worn on the track, they must not be worn in marshalling or outside of the track.
Football boots / cleats are not allowed to be worn in any age groups.